Attack of the Clones?

The other day while talking about names in Costa Rica, I mentioned that it’d be weird if there were more Ryan Sitzmans out there. Well, it turns out that there is at least one on Facebook (a site that I still hate, but if it helps me reconnect with my long-lost clone, it may be worth it after all). There are also a couple of variations of Bryan/Brian Sitzman, although everyone knows that if you put a “B” in front of “Ryan,” the name turns evil.

In any case, I wrote this message to Ryan Sitzman:
Hi there,
My name is also Ryan Sitzman. I know that’s not really that interesting in and of itself, but since it’s the same as yours, it’s maybe worth mentioning. Still, I thought we could maybe be friends… or perhaps since we have the same name, I’m like your archrival or you’re my nemesis or something. So if not friends, then perhaps enemies?
Anyhow, just figured I’d say hi. If you’re ever in Central America, say hi. We could have some sort of Ryan Sitzman convention. We could even let the Brian and Bryan Sitzmans come. Maybe.
Have a good one,
The Other Ryan Sitzman

Then, I also came across a “Bryan Sitzmann.” I sent him this message:
My name is Ryan Sitzman. That’s basically your name with the first and last letters cut off.
Does that mean you’re the more sophisticated, updated model? Is there some sort of a primitive “Yan Sitzma” lurking out there, who is merely jealous of me, but considers you to be a sort of mega-advanced Super(Sitz)mann?
Anyhow, just thought I’d say hi.
Ryan Sitzman

I just figured I’d mention this now, so that it’s all well-documented in case I get taken to some sort of international tribunal and get charged with Internet Harassment in the First Degree.

Otherwise, though, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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7 thoughts on “Attack of the Clones?

  1. I think any sort of Ryan Sitzman meet-up should be prevented at all costs. You guys could form like Voltron or something…

  2. Did I ever tell you that there’s another Paul Sitzman in Fort Collins? And one of my friends worked with him! Apparently he’s about 60 years old and… get this… he’s a nice guy! What a shame.

  3. I found another Josh Baringer in PA. He’s a race-car driver, and seems really cool. I have to wonder if I’m the arch rival in this story.

  4. Please note that any clone you find and befriend may only rise to the rank of alternate member of the Council of Five.

  5. I was assuming that any clones I’d have would already come equipped with their OWN Council of Five… unless they’re lower-level clones, in which case it might be a Council of Four?

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