A New Look

If you regularly read Sitzblog, then you don’t exist. Nobody regularly reads this blog.

But if you’re a friend or family member and you happen to have checked out the blog in the last 10 years or so, then you might notice that I’ve made a few changes.

The most obvious one is that I changed the color scheme. I really loved the blue background with the yellow text—it reminded me of the color scheme on first iteration of RyanSitzman.com (which itself could use a refresh). However, I was having some issues with it looking crappy when I embedded images and other things like ads or text boxes. Basically, it just looked a bit cheaply-made. So I changed everything to black text on white background in the interest of having a more cohesive and legible site.

Speaking of cheaply-made, I also changed the logo. I also really loved the old logo that my brother Paul made:

But with the blue background, it just didn’t quite work out with the new scheme. I was going to try to convert it into black and white, but I have no skills with any kind of image editing software besides MS Paint.

So to make the new logo, I literally came up with the first thing I could hack out in 5 minutes in MS Paint:

And you can hardly tell that it was made in 5 minutes by a novice using MS Paint, right??

Oh, it’s painfully obvious? And you’re laughing that it took 5 minutes? And you’re taking a screenshot so you can send it to a graphic design magazine for their annual “Top 10 Worst Moments in Design in 2018” list? Well, I suppose you’re right.

Therefore, I’d officially like to put out a request for any suggestions or drafts of logos and/or stylized text to adorn Sitzblog! If you have any ideas or any more graphic design experience than I do (which is basically a given), then I’d love to hear from you.

[Update, September 8, 2018: I was looking through old picture files and discovered that Paul had actually made a version of the logo with a white background, so I was saved!

I’ll use it as the header for now, but let me know if any of you have suggestions for additional changes.]

The rest of the site is mostly the same as before. I updated the widgets a bit and refreshed a few other things, but you can still find the Amazon ads and donation button in the right sidebar. So feel free to avail yourself of either or both of them. If you do, and if I ever make any money by blogging, I can finally invest in a copy of Photoshop, with lessons!

And as usual, feel free to leave a comment if you have other thoughts or suggestions about the site. As an aside, I also realized that I had a lot of comments piling up but for some reason, I had never received notifications that I’d received them. I think I’ve solved the problem and I’ll hope to be better at reading and responding to comments in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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