A Busy Boy, A Dangerous Girl

Hi everyone,
I´ve been pretty busy with a lot of crap for school, but the Steve Perry song “Oh Sherrie” just came on the radio here at the internet café, so I guess things aren’t that bad.
Anyhow, there´s really no point in complaining to the world about my workload, so instead I had some special pictures in the hidden vault that I decided to finally throw out to the wolves.
We all know that Ángela´s great, but there´s a darker side to this beautiful woman I´m going to marry.

Here we see my dear bride-to-be smirking confidently as she force-feeds a helpless me. It´s all part of her plan to fatten me up for the kill.

Exhibit B: Although at first glance this picture seems to show a caring aunt embracing her two nephews, Michael (left) and Martin (right), upon closer inspection, one can actually see that she is literally squeezing Michael´s neck until his head shoots off with a violent “POP”!!

Finally, the most damning evidence of all: A Tom Cruise poster in her room! In the meantime, she has taken down the poster (ostensibly to “paint the walls”…paint the walls with what?? Nefarious plans?!?). She literally burned the poster, but believe me, my dear: you can´t escape your past.

Nor, for that matter, can you escape your future, with a weird-ass husband who loves you very much.
Anyhow, for everyone else out there, I hope you´re staying above water. As the truckers say, keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down!
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