A Bit About Abuela

Like I believe I said before, I am in Costa Rica now, teaching English. It´s going pretty well, although the kids are loud as hell. At least in the 4th and 6th grades. But I told them that since I don´t speak Spanish (OK, I lied…I do, but they still don´t know that), every time I hear them speak in Spanish, I translate it to ´We want to copy sentences from the board!´ Which they hate. Slowly, they´re coming around. Altough the 4th grade is notably smarter than the 6th grade in this respect…
I´m also living at a house that an older lady runs, and she has people call her Abuela (grandmother). There are a few cool things about Abuela:
-She has a secret peanut butter stash. She eats like a bird since she had a stomach operation, but her vice is the old P.B. She has to hide it, though, since it´s rare here and Americans bring it to her when they visit. Also, if it were in the open, she says her grandkids would eat it all.
-She does 25 pushups a day, and not even girlie style! She´s 73! I´d be hard pressed to do that many myself, and I think I still fall into the category of Strapping Young Lad.
-She has a dog named Canabis. You have no idea how hilarious I think this is. See, it´s a big husky, and she says it already had that name when she adopted it. She told a story last night about a time Canabis ran away, so she was standing on her porch yelling ´Canabis! Canabis!´ I guess the neighborhood watch people had a talk with her because they thought she was a drug dealer trying to sell product!
More later, hope everyone is doing well, wherever you are.
Also, if you need to get ahold of me, my number is 445-5575. There are no area codes in C.R…

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  1. This is too good to be true. I would love to meet this lady and I wish that I will be able to do the push ups at that age!

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