Pictures of the Day – June and July 2011

Well, I got really behind on posting Pictures of the Day, and that made me think: “There must be a better way.” And by “better way,” I of course mean “an easier way for a lazy person.” It’s a surprising amount of work to organize these Pictures of the Day, upload each picture, link the picture to its Flickr page, and then copy the description. If I did it one time, it’d be nothing, but I don’t want to do it over 60 times. So, I’ll try to use an embedded Flickr slideshow for each month. If you don’t like this, can’t see it, or have any comments, I’d appreciate them. I’m not even sure if anyone looks at or cares about these pictures, anyhow…
Here’s June (click here to see in Flickr):
And here’s July (click here to see in Flickr):
Once you click the “play” button, it’s got all the standard controls, and if you want to see a description of any picture, click “show info” at the top. If you want to see any picture in more detail or check it out on Flickr, click on “show info” and then click on the picture’s title.
So please, tell me what you think about this format. But so far, I’m liking it quite a bit! Thanks for reading. Have a good day!
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