Meat Loaf Monday: "Come Back To Sorrento"

Welcome again to Meat Loaf Monday! I have some good and bad news, so I’ll start with the bad news. I realized that I probably can’t do Meat Loaf Monday every single Monday because if I did, I’d run out of videos and songs eventually. He’s obviously got a limited number of songs, and many of his greatest songs were made before music videos got popular, so there are only live concert videos of them. That’s OK, but after a while many of them start looking familiar (largish man in a white pirate shirt, waving a red scarf and singing the crap out of a song). So while I may not be able to do Meat Loaf Monday every week, I will be doing it on occasional Mondays, as a kind of treat. That’s the bad news.
The good news: Today’s Meat Loaf Monday!
I chose this video because it’s pretty weird, even for Meat Loaf. It’s more focused on Luciano Pavarotti, since it’s taken from the concert video of Pavarotti and Friends. Apparently it was to benefit Bosnian children. Well, it will also benefit you, too:

I imagine that before they sang this song, the two singers appeared at a press conference with their respective managers for a weigh-in and a measurement of cumulative hair mass (CHM).
Let’s get to the song itself. Pavarotti can certainly belt out aural awesomeness, I’ll give him that, but Meat Loaf’s definitely giving the bearded guy’s lungs a run for their money. I like this because it’s not a typical Meat Loaf video or song but still, would it have killed the Loaf to at least wear a frilly shirt with his tux? I suppose he’s representing with the skeezy pony-tail, but I’ve come to expect a bit more flair from Meat Loaf, even if he’s singing at a benefit concert. Also, it’s hard to understand what Pavarotti’s singing on about (the words being in Italian and all), but I have a feeling it’s not got to do with Rock and Roll. Also somewhat unfortunately, Meat Loaf doesn’t ever really go nuts on this song, increasing the tempo and blasting his vocals like the proverbial bat out of hell.
So why did I choose this song? I’ll answer that with a Zen Koan to start your week off right:
The Meat Loaf that can be defined is not the Meat Loaf. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!
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