With only two options per question, you wouldn’t think I’d have gotten so confused.
A while ago I was talking with Bobby, and he said that Chris had mentioned something about a “Keirsey” test. That sounds very similar to the name of a town in eastern Colorado that I don’t have a very good impression of, so I was skeptical at first. But Bobby explained that it was a sort of personality test, and that Chris had correctly predicted what category Bobby would fall into.
For me, “personality test” also calls to mind images of Scientology, although it’s not like that at all, either. In fact, you can take the test for yourself. I thought it was pretty interesting in the end, although some of the questions were very confusing for me (but maybe that’s just part of my personality–getting frustrated at weird questions on personality tests). Here’s a link to the site, and here’s a link to the test. Here’s a link with a bit more of an explanation on the different “temperaments.” 
Just so you know, if you do take the test, it’ll get you into a temperament, but not into one of the 4 specific categories in each temperament. I guess you may have to buy the book if you want to do that, but Chris (a “Rational Architect“) has had quite a lot of experience with the test (you know, party tricks), so we were quickly able to nail down the fact that I’m an Idealist Counselor, or an “INFJ“–just like Alec “Obi Wan Kenobi” Guinness! Angela then took the test and discovered that she was an “Artisan Composer,” aka “ISFP” aka “just like Michael Jackson”! 
For me the most interesting part was to consider how much Costa Rica had affected my personality, or at least my own perception of it. For many questions I was saying things like, “Well, for Costa Rica, I’d be ___, but for the US, I’d be the complete opposite.” I also didn’t see the logic of many questions, and many of them didn’t seem to offer two conflicting answers. It was a good thing that I had Chris to talk me through it, and it’s a good thing that Skype calls are free!
Well, I thought it was kind of cool, so check it out if you’re interested. Thanks for reading, and don’t worry, Blogtoberfest is continuing, no matter how much crappy weather or bad internet Costa Rica throws at us!
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  1. Well, it pegged me down as an artisan, so I guess it got that right… or I got my school path right. One of those two.

  2. @Paul: Cool to hear you took the test, and I think that’s pretty close for you.

    KER: The test’s calling “bunk” on you. You’re cheating.

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