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I made this whole logo using MS Paint, and it took me a long, long time. Please do appreciate it, but then send me a copy of Photoshop with tutorials for my birthday.

In case you’ve not checked out Cinematic Attic, you should! It’s a site that I started recently with a few friends, and it’s pretty fun. We mainly talk about movies, but we also go off into other areas. I’m also the main administrator for the site, so I’ve been making it prettier lately. Different writers have been designing logos for the site, and I made the one above from different movie logos. How many of the movies in the logo can you identify?

Feel free to check out Cinematic Attic or follow it on Facebook. We’re always happy to hear from new readers, so join in the fun today!

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7 thoughts on “Cinematic Attic

  1. Where is the key for this darned thing?! We could only figure out 4 of them for sure, but several others are awfully familiar.

    I’m going to obsess over this the same way I did a similar puzzle that kept making the rounds in the marketing agency I used to work. (And no, even hanging with the marketing types, I was no better at identifying logos.)

    Looks really neat, though!

    • Thanks!

      Which were you able to identify? I can give you a key if you want… I didn’t think of that, actually!


      • OK, so here’s the key:

        From left to right, it’s:
        -Pulp Fiction
        -The Incredibles
        -Tron: Legacy
        -Star Wars
        -The Hobbit
        -The Goonies
        -Fight Club

        -The Avengers
        -The Godfather (which I tweaked a bit…the marionette hand wasn’t originally above the T)
        -The Princess Bride
        -Back to the Future

        All quite high on most of my lists!

  2. Pfft. We got Wall-e, Back to the Future, The Avengers, and Star Wars. The ones that seemed familiar? Totally wrong. I’ve never seen any of those movies.

    Obviously the big-screen culture in this household runs miles deep. Or millimeters, at least.

    I see you have done up some awesome new header banners already, so this might be too little, too late. Here goes anyway. If you haven’t gotten PhotoShop yet, try GIMP instead. ( It’s open source, so no charge. My graphically-inclined associates swear it does everything PhotoShop can do except cost a small fortune.

    • Actually I did see The Princess Bride like 10,000 years ago, when it was new. I remember nothing of it except the idea that one can build an immunity to arsenic–a theory I’d prefer not to test–and that he is Inigo Montoya, I killed his father and must prepare to die.

      • Well, it was “iocane powder,” but close enough! šŸ™‚ You’ll have to watch it again!

    • I downloaded it, so I’ll try it. I’ve got a really old version of Photoshop that Adobe recently was giving out for free, but I’ve not even opened it. I think it’s just too complicated for me right now, and I don’t really care to learn how to use it. Paint is pretty bad, but at least it can get the job done, more or less. So GIMP may be a good option, despite the weird name. Thanks!

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