I originally had combined this post with the last post about the Animal Sanctuary, but it became really huge so I divided them since they’re not related, anyhow.

I put a message on Twitter the other day talking about an app called Box giving away 50 GB of cloud storage to iOS 5 users. I’ve not got an iPad or an iPhone, but I’m sure a lot of you do. Still, I do have an iPod touch, which is basically like an iPhone without the phone (and with a crappier camera, unfortunately). Nevertheless, I downloaded the app and I indeed have 50 GB of free cloud storage now. It’s a pretty good backup option for documents and pictures, quite similar to Dropbox in many ways. In any case, if you’re interested, check out this link. It does say that it’ll only be doing the free 50 GB offer for 50 days, which means there are probably 40 days or so left. I don’t get anything if you do or don’t go for this deal, but I thought I’d share it since it seems pretty cool.

So, that’s it for now… We’ll have a Blogtoberfest wrap-up in a little bit, though!

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